I don’t give a damn about gay marriage

There. I said it. I think that all of this a waste of everyone’s time when we have actually important issues to be dealing with.

Was the recent Court of Appeals decision deciding on gay marriage important? Absolutely. Greg Kline does an excellent legal analysis of the decision in the latest Conservative Refuge podcast. I am pleased that the Court of Appeals refrained itself from legislating from the bench. And if the people of Maryland wish to legalize gay marriage, their voices can be heard through their legislators.

But you know something? The concept of two people of the same sex getting married doesn’t give me heartburn. I couldn’t possibly care less what two consenting adults do. What gives me heartburn is the concept of government caring who can marry whom. In the eyes of government, marriage is a contract; nothing more, nothing less. By spending so much worrying about it is advocating for big government conservatism to me. Sorry.

But thank god that Mike Miller (of all people) hopefully put this issue to bed for the foreseeable future. Because for god’s sake, issues that matter need to be dealt with, as the Capital points out in their editorial today

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