Here’s A Plan for Maryland – Cut Spending

In a move reminiscent of the Clinton years, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has floated yet another trial balloon for legislators and citizens to chew on. An unspecified increase in sales and income taxes, slots revenue, hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending on health care (it’s for the children you know), transportation and the environment will be “balanced” against an unspecified amount of “spending cuts”.

Maryland could have been realizing revenue from slot machines for years, but that would have meant giving credit to a Republican governor. The state could save untold millions in wasteful spending, but that simply wouldn’t do.

The bottom line on the O’Malley Plan is fairly simple. Between now and the end of the next legislative session our beloved Governor will float tens (hundreds?, thousands?) of additional trial balloons. The legislature will have to adopt some plan and O’Malley will simply take the credit for the increased spending (because its for the children, trees, etc.) and somehow blame Bob Ehrlich for the tax increases.

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