Hate Crime at Maryland


Word has undoubtedly spread about the apparent hate crime at the University of Maryland. Someone hung of a noose–an obvious reference to the past era of lynching–on a tree outside the Nyumburu Cultural Center adjacent to the Stamp Student Union. This was truly a disgusting act and whoever did it should be punished the full extent of the law. There is no place for that in our society. Unfortunately, maintenance workers removed the noose before police had a chance to inspect it for forensic evidence making it even more difficult to determine who is responsible, if it was a hoax, or something else.

The crime sparked a “speak out” rally at Cole Field House and engendered debate on the subjects of race, culture, and diversity. The editors of the Diamondback hope that the incident and the “speak out” will prompt actual interaction among the diverse segments of the student body. The editors correctly state, “The university’s apparent hyper-focus on keeping students statistically diverse seems as though it may have distracted it from what keeps the community from embracing its diversity.”

They hit on the central problem of diversity, summed up by Jonah Goldberg as “liberalism’s reigning understanding of ‘diversity’ is that every institution should ‘look like America’ but think exactly alike.” If real dialogue and conversations about serious issues is going to occur then we need to understand that diversity, real diversity, is more than achieving a “critical mass” of skin color or ethnic background on campus. Real diversity, to quote Goldberg again, “allows for a diversity of ideas, not one set of ideas imposed across the entire country under the label ‘diversity.’”

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Unfortunately, the diversicrats and totalitarian campus thought police have created an atmosphere on campus where thinking differently or dissenting from their multicultural orthodoxy gets you in hot water with the administration, your publications stolen, or worse. Look no further than the Duke non-Rape Case to see the length to which multicultural ideologues will go to perpetuate their orthodoxy.

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