Going for the obvious headline

From today’s Post:

Tax is Deemed Legal but Unwise

Well aren’t most taxes legal but unwise? But read into the story and you see a fascinating set of circumstances in Montgomery County where Democrats want to give developers money to refund them for roads and green space projects, through a special tax. And like most complicated tax schemes, it breaks down into who gets taxed for what, who gets repaid for what, and asking why taxpayers are paying multiple developers for the same projects. Read the whole thing. And then there is this:

But yesterday’s report went further than Rodriquez’s by raising questions about the wisdom of the tax system. The development district allows developers to be repaid for building infrastructure they agreed to construct when they won development rights, which residents have protested is an unfair giveaway.

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Completely unsurprising given the amount of insane issues regarding problems with development in Montgomery County; just take a look at the Clarksburg debacle to see how poorly development has been handled in the county.

Wonder how long before John Leopold’s development buddies ask for a similar handout here…


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