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Go Team! Go Team!

We’re all pretty used to the Baltimore Sun cheerleading for Democrats on their news as well as editorial pages. This one is a little excessive even by the fairly low standard the Sun has set.

Glenwood in western Howard County is generally seen as a Republican stronghold, where voters elected last year the county’s only GOP state senator, two Republican delegates and the party’s only County Council member.

But County Executive Ken Ulman, a liberal Democrat from Columbia, got a friendly reception from the nonpartisan Glenwood Lions Club on Thursday night. He used the occasion to expound on his ambitions for the county, and he used the 30 people gathered at the new county-built community center there as an impromptu focus group on the idea of an Erickson retirement community being built at Doughoregan Manor, the historic Carroll family estate in western Ellicott City.

This is not to say the report is inaccurate but to say Ulman is a hit in a GOP stronghold based on him being able to assemble a crowd of 30 reporters is more than a little disingenuous.

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