George Lopez Is Funny; Donna Edwards Isn’t

The Washington Post’s Maryland Moment covered a recent “debate” held at a Mexican restaurant in Gaithersburg. The debate was between Democrat candidates in Maryland’s Fourth, the incumbent Albert Wynn, the nutroots favorite Donna Edwards, as well as some guy named George Mitchell who wandered in. Mr. Wynn begged off, citing as a reason that the do-nothing Congress was returning from recess to do more nothing, and sent his surrogate Prince George’s County Councilman Will Campos.

The host was the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Over at the ponderously self-important Free State Politics they take exception to Will Campos riffing on a George Lopez joke about a border wall, if it is ever built, being built by Latino laborers. And actually George Lopez is as funny as hell, Isaac, but his humor is based on succeeding in a society that rewards hard work not about victimhood, so I wouldn’t expect you guys who haven’t had that experience to completely understand it.

The real take away is Mitchell’s rejoinder to Campos:

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Following polite chuckles from the crowd, Edwards popped in: “We can’t joke, because people’s lives are in danger. Their job opportunities are in jeopardy. We face serious challenges…I wanted to be here to answer your questions because I want to be a leader in the United States Congress because we face important challenges, ” she said, to clapping.

Actually people’s lives are only in danger because they know that our southern frontier is only intermittently monitored and that there is a great chance they will succeed in crossing it. Some of them guess wrong about the dangers of attempting to cross the border on foot or with the help of coyotes and they die.

Federal law, not a lamely told joke, limits their “job opportunities” and were it not for business groups, like the hosting organization for this debate, who ignore those laws for their own gain then there would be no lives in danger.

The more I read about Albert Wynn the more I support him. He’s not a conservative or a Republican, I’m not terribly sure he even has an ideology, but when dealing with the obnoxious lefties who think they are calling the shots he does adhere to the old maxim “If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, **** their women, and then come in here the next day and vote against them, you don’t belong here.” The last thing we need is one more marxist in our Cogressional delegation.

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