From retirement to campaign

I just happened to catch this on the Daily Times website. While it doesn’t fall within the area I use to do my Election Calendar, next Saturday the 22nd will be the annual Bull Roast hosted by Wayne Gilchrest up in Queen Anne’s County. (I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not that he finally shifted the event off the day the Wicomico County Republican Club holds it annual Crab Feast – will this mean a Gilchrest sighting there tomorrow the 15th?)

Anyway, Wayne got as a Bull Roast special guest another of the candidates the bull-slinging Democrat front group was running campaign ads for until he decided to up and retire – Nebraska’s “Republican” U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel. So it’s going to be the peaceniks on parade up there next Saturday.

In other Gilchrest news, he was a telephone guest Thursday morning on the AM Salisbury radio show. In the conversation with host Bill Reddish, Gilchrest praised General Petraeus as “stunningly competent” and the “essence of integrity” but also opined that our ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, should be talking more to Iran and Syria, a country Wayne termed as more free than our ally Saudi Arabia. The Congressman disdainfully noted that Crocker had only talked to Iran twice during his tenure. Further, Gilchrest spoke out in favor of a broader policy that included direct conversations with Iran and Syria. And regarding his cohort Dennis Kucinich’s trip to Syria, Gilchrest termed it “irrelevant” while most on the right have been up in arms about Kucinich’s trip.

Gilchrest is a regular guest on the WICO-AM morning radio show, alternating with Sen. Ben Cardin on Thursdays when Congress is in session. It’s quite informative radio if you’re in the Salisbury area at 7:40 a.m.

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