Bob Ehrlich Hosts Harris Fundraiser

According to the Harris campaign, former Governor Bob Ehrlich will host a fundraiser for state Senator Andy Harris in his quest to retire Wayne Gilchrest.

From the campaign press release:

Former Republican Congressman and Governor Robert Ehrlich announced today he will be hosting a fundraiser for Andy Harris, a candidate for the Republican nomination in Maryland’s first congressional district.

“Andy Harris has been a consistent leader in promoting our Republican values and beliefs,” said Governor Ehrlich. “His leadership on fighting for lower taxes, eliminating wasteful spending and support for honest government is legendary in the legislature. I am proud to offer my help.”

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Visit the Andy Harris ’08 website for details on how to attend.

While this might not officially fall under the description of an endorsement for Senator Harris it is darned close. What is more critical here is that it demonstrates the way in which Gilchrest’s out of the mainstream votes have managed to alienate a rather centrist state GOP establishment. The 2008 primary in Maryland will not be a reenactment of the rather disgraceful antics of the Pennsylvania senator’s race in 2004 and the 2006 primary in Michigan’s 7th CD where national and state parties intervened on behalf of rather flaccid incumbents.

And that strange popping noise you hear in the background. That’s the sound of sphincters slamming shut at the Gilchrest campaign.

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