Another Day, Another Broken Promise

This is really starting to sound like a broken record:

Anne Arundel County’s chief executive is seeking to create a storm-water management fund that would generate at least $5 million a year to repair waterways damaged by future construction.

County Executive John R. Leopold, a Republican, said yesterday that he will introduce legislation to the County Council on Monday to create a fee paid by property owners based on the amount of impervious surfaces, such as driveways, parking lots and home additions, they create….

….Local lawmakers in the tax-averse county have frowned on the idea of creating a storm-water restoration fund paid by a fee on property owners. During his campaign, Leopold said it amounted to a property tax increase and said he would pay for restoration efforts within the confines of the existing budget.

Whoops.I love how Leopold can say during the campaign that this was a property tax increase, and now it is just a fee. From the Capital:

“I made a commitment during my campaign that I would identify a fiscally responsible way to address stormwater management without increasing property taxes, and the legislation I am submitting to the council accomplishes this goal,” Mr. Leopold said.

And that would be fine if you didn’t just call the exact same thing a property tax a few short months ago.

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This is getting to the point where it is almost ridiculous. Seems that you can never underestimate Leopold’s omnipresent mendacity.

I have to ask: how long before Leopold proposes a property-tax or income tax increase?


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