…and bull**** walks

So I’m betting that Luiz Simmons (D-someplace in Montgomery County) is lacing up his hiking boots.

According to the Washington Post, Mr. Simmons got into a verbal scuffle with Governor O’Malley’s Labor Secretary, Mr. Tom Perez, over slots.

Mr. Simmons took issue with the report Mr. Perez issued on slots finding that a crap load of Marylanders travel out of state to gamble thereby depriving the venture marxists in Annapolis of more money to “invest” in our $1.5 billion structural deficit. And then he launched into a world class non sequitur:

Simmons asked Perez if he was prepared to commit to putting slots parlors in Rockville, Potomac and Silver Spring. “If it’s okay for Laurel and as benign as you suggest it is, why don’t you let everyone know right now that you are prepared to put them and the governor is prepared to put them in Montgomery County.”

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As Maryland counties go, Montgomery is just about as grasping as they get. We know that when slots are approved that Montgomery’s first course of action will be to insist that they get a “fair share” of the revenues but they don’t want any of the nasty devices in their pristine socialist wonderland. When that gets the big thumbs down, we will see slots in Montgomery County, but probably restricted to the move downscale areas like Silver Spring. Maybe they’ll put them in all the county-owned liquor stores.

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