AA GOP Central Committee: More around the rumor mill

As soon as you think the story gets put to bed, more rumors keep popping up. This one came into me this afternoon:

Hold on tight, AA County may just be the tip of the iceberg. It appears that there is a movement afoot in Howard County to oust the chairman of the central committee. A member of the committee recently chastised the chairman for voting to reduce Flynn’s salary and bad mouthing the state party. The specific question was “Who gave you permission to vote to reduce Flynn’s salary?” Followed by the statement, “We didn’t give you permission to do that.”

Also, apparently Flynn celebrated with the members of the AA County Central Committee @ Rockfish following the ouster of Collins.

I can tell you that John Flynn did not attend the Central Committee meeting, but I cannot verify the veracity of the rumor. I have also heard this from multiple sources. I am not sure what it means, and you can draw your own conclusions, but unfortunately it looks like this story may not be dead yet, and as I noted before may be more than just a localized issue.

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