AA GOP Central Committee: Conspiracy Theory

The one day I miss Frank DeFilippo on with Ron Smith, Flip comes out with one completely out of left field:

But often the comely Kendal’s making more noise than Bobby, and Greenip’s the fulcrum for most of the talk. Kendal’s also at the center of a power struggle in Anne Arundel County, if in name only, it seems, over who’s actually in charge of the local lodge of the GOP.

To wit: The right flank of the county’s Republican party, led by that ditzy burble of dithyramb, Del. Donald Dwyer, is attempting overthrow the elected GOP chairman, Mike Collins, a moderate. The decisive meeting of the county’s GOP committee is scheduled for Sept. 5.

Yet it’s Collins, who’s loyal to County Executive John Leopold, so the narrative goes, who’s resisting the pressure to enthrone Kendal Ehrlich in Greenip’s Senate seat. And the reason why conservatives want to oust Greenip is that she is thought to have been disloyal to Ehrlich when he was governor, according to GOP tongue-waggers. Collins, by the way, is accused of exhibiting poor leadership skills. Translation: He doesn’t fit the conservative cookie-cutter.

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It’s kind of like taking a Rorschach test and accusing the doctor of showing you dirty pictures.

Also blocking the end run by Kendal Ehrlich is Del. James King (R-Anne Arundel), who is said to insist that if a Greenip vacancy does occur, one way or the other, the seat should, by traditional pecking order, be awarded to a sitting delegate (King?)…

…Question: Is Ehrlich behind the putsch to purge Collins and the moderate leadership in Anne Arundel County, which is becoming increasingly more conservative in its voting habits?

And is all the commotion part of a grand scheme to perform a complete make-over of Anne Arundel County politics simply to ease the way into elective politics for Kendall Ehrlich?

Man, anybody know which planet this flew in from? To follow DeFilippo’s assertions, you would have to believe that:

  • That Don Dwyer is behind all of this (he has vehemently denied it);
  • That Don Dwyer is opposed to Janet Greenip staying in the Senate (when they are political allies);
  • That Don Dwyer would want Greenip to be replaced by Kendal Ehrlich and has aligned with the Ehrlich Team to make this happen (when Dwyer was not a fan of Bob Ehrlich);
  • That Mike Collins is in John Leopold’s pocket (when it is part of the Leopold Team pushing him out the door)
  • And that James King is trying to keep Collins on board (which just seems like window dressing).

All of that is a tough sell. Besides, how would a liberal Democrat manage to snag a rumor that even Republicans have never heard, though I though I think we could all come up with theories as to how this leaked out…


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