AA GOP Central Committee: Another Perspective

There are apparently some Central Committee apologists who think that I am the only naysayer in this fiasco. Maryland Chesapeake Blog was also there last night, and had alot to say.

You’ll see it below the fold…

No, the real tragedy may be the evil, venomous, spiteful way some who would have you believe they are followers of Christ behaved in the meeting itself. There was no need whatsoever to push the vote on Mr. Collins to the front of the agenda. There was no need whatsoever to try to restrict the testimony of so many who came to speak their mind and hearts. No need, and no excuse. None… Nada…not AT ALL! To do so demonstrated and shouted to the world that those responsible were not Christians, were not good Republicans, and not even good human beings.

It wasn’t enough to replace Mike Collins, they had to shove his nose in the feces they were producing out of their own arses. Class, decorum, and tact were not on the menu that night, not from some of these so-called “leaders”. When the deed was done, after a potty-break (evidently they still had some $hit left and needed one?), Mr. Collins did have the class to come back into the meeting and participate as a still-member of the central communis… uh… committee. Who would have blamed him if he took a hike for the rest of the evening? Before a watching world, and before the press, the new so-called “leadership” showed what they were made of. It wasn’t pretty. I’m sure you’ll be able to read all about it in the Examiner, the Capital, and the Sun. So will everybody else.

There was no need to kick a guy when he was down, but they did, just because they could. Sounds a lot like what former Governor Bob Ehrlich used to say in regard to the “other” party… that they will raise taxes, fire the PSC, (fill in the blank ___), just because they can. I guess some so-called republicans (constitutionalists/former democrats) can be just as bad….

…We can get through this, but to do so means we’ll have to step away from the circular firing squad a bit. Republicans mad as heck about last night can ignore the central committee as irrelevant, and support the candidates directly they care about. Republican clubs can raise money, recruit volunteers, register voters, as if the committee didn’t exist. They can tell certain central committee members (even the so-called Christians) to go to hell.

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