A Failing Grade

Governor O’Malley says Maryland Schools Superintendant Nancy S. Grasmick needs to hit the road.

Mr. O’Malley said he would like to replace Mrs. Grasmick because he does not trust her.

“It’s not so much a matter of like as a matter of trust,” he said. “That trust does not exist between Dr. Grasmick and myself.”

A spokesman for Mrs. Grasmick declined to comment.

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Mrs. Grasmick and Mr. O’Malley’s professional relationship soured after she attempted to take over 11 failing Baltimore schools when Mr. O’Malley was still mayor and running against Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., a Grasmick supporter.

As the ever vigilant O’Malley Watch notes:

Grasmick and O’Malley’s dislike goes back to when Grasmick decided she wanted the kids in Baltimore City to actually learn something. The sad thing is that she waited till an election year. Had she acted sooner, Baltimore City might not have doomed another generation of kids into a failing school system.

O’Governor’s new plan is to change the law in order to get rid of Grasmick. He doesn’t think that it is right to insulate the school superintendent and wants them directly appointed by the Governor. It’s funny that pretty much every school system in the State except for Baltimore City has a board appointed school superintendent. And Baltimore City is the one consistently failing, so I do not think that is a model by which to judge change.

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