Who Funds Who?

You may remember one of our favorite progressives, Andrew Kujan, cast a nonsensical aspersion towards our “insane brand of conservatism” and little blog of “25 percenters.” Kujan wondered whether Eagle Publishing has any financial interest in Red Maryland because the man who founded Red Maryland, Streiff also posts at Redstate, which is owned by Eagle Publishing. In Kujan’s mind this is obviously another sinister plot by the evil right wing conspiracy. Bill Streiff’s response gave Kujan a little dose of reality here. Sorry to break it to you Andrew, none of us get paid to do this, unless one considers enduring snarky accusations of racism and the twisting of our words out of context, payment.

Now that we know there are no vile corporate machinations tugging the strings here, I thought I would look a bit deeper into our friends over at Free State Politics. Free State Politics is funded by a grant from BlogPAC. BlogPAC is a political action committee formed to coordinate the activities of progressive bloggers and raise money for political candidates. It was founded by none other than Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas Zuñiga. Democratic operative Matt Stoller runs the site, nothing unseemly there. Stoller is a sycophant of George Soros. Nothing sinister about that either. However, Stoller had high praise for Soros’ definition of the war on terror as a “false metaphor”. Stoller said, “I think he’s right… The war on terror just doesn’t exist any more than a child’s imaginary friend exists.” Yes the attacks of 9/11, USS Cole, the Kenya/Tanzania embassies, and the Khobar Towers are all imaginary and the victims that were not murdered are gearing up for the Labor Day weekend!

Also, BlogPac and Kos have come under some sharp criticism, from their side of the political spectrum, for their advertising shenanigans, purging of local progressive blogs that do not toe-the-Kos line (see more groupthink here and here), and Google Bombing the 2006 election.

The bloggers at Free State Politics may or may not agree with Stoller’s moonbat ideas, and the purging of dissenters from Kossak groupthink, although I think most of them do. It would please me to receive a response that they don’t. However, they should at least understand that this is the prevailing view of those who fund their website. In short, Andrew Kujan should be more concerned about who FSP IS associated with instead of who Red Maryland is not.

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