While MD’s $1.5B Deficit Looms, O’Malley Raises $2M For Hillary

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As taxpayers wait in anxiously to see how Gov. Martin O’Malley and state legislators will solve Maryland’s $1.5 billion deficit, the Governor has been busy raising more than $2 million for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since he endorsed Clinton in May, O’Malley has filled in for Hillary, giving a speech in Concord, New Hampshire, held a $1,000-a-plate dinner for her, and just this week held a closed meeting in Annapolis to plot out Hillary’s campaign strategy in the Free State.

Through June, O’Malley’s campaign raising efforts have panned out big for Hillary.

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About eight out of every 10 Maryland campaign dollars collected went to Democratic candidates, with Hillary beating out her main opponent Sen. Barrack Obama of Illinois by $2 million to Obama’s $1.7 million.

O’Malley meets with Republicans

Meanwhile, O’Malley also met this week with a delegation of Republican lawmakers lead by Del. Anthony J. O’ Donnell, minority leader from Southern Maryland, over pizza.

During a interview on WBAL, O’Donnell said the delegation did everything in their power to convince O’Malley that the deficit could be fixed with revenue raised from legalizing slots, and without any tax hikes.

O’Donnell added that O’Malley gave no indication whether he bought into their plan.

So far, O’Malley is keeping mum about the meeting, but there is little doubt in my mind that the tax hikes are on the way, and that O’Malley’s meeting was a ploy to make it seem as though he is fair minded.

O’Malley has no mandate

While O’Malley is clearly in the driver’s seat, there is a misconception being spun by the liberal news media and his administration that he somehow has a mandate from the people of Maryland to raise taxes as high as Democrats want.

But the reality is that O’Malley only won the governorship by 52.7 % to former Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr.’s 46.2 %, despite Democrats outnumbering Republicans in the state more than 3 to 1.

The fact is that nearly half of the voters do not agree with O’Malley’s tax-and-spend policies.

They also deserve representation.

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