What is Democrat for Chutzpah?

Last month when former state senator Thomas Bromwell took a plea bargain and miraculously avoided having to testify on the pay-to-play environment the Democrats have running in Annapolis, no one in the state Democrat party said boo about returning the money he has donated to them over the years. Perhaps their collective sphincters were still cramped at the thought of Bromwell turning ratfink…

But today is a different day.

A Republican fundraiser has been indicted on fraud and the Democrats are climbing upon their moral high horse.

Maryland Democrats are questioning tens of thousands of dollars donated to
Republican candidates by Maryland businessman Alan Fabian, who was indicted last
week in a $32 million fraud case.


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“I think it’s incumbent for anyone who he contributed to should return the
money because it could turn out to be tainted, dirty stolen, money,” said David
Paulson, spokesman for the state’s Democratic Party. “Everyone is innocent until
proven guilty, but if it turns out that money belongs to somebody else, it seems
there should be a lot of Republicans writing many checks very soon.”

For the record, in a six year period Mr Fabian gave about $44,000, or little more than $7,000 per year. This hardly makes him a Daddy Warbucks of political contributors.

I am agnostic on the subject of returning money but it seems to me that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Of course, that would require a sense of propriety and shame. We don’t see much evidence of that here.

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