Waste is still Waste

The Capital today tries to point out the John Leopold tries to eschew government waste by… highlighting John Leopold’s government waste:

The story reportedly amused his boss, who at times takes great pains to avoid racking up personal expenses on the county’s tab.

Last week, when county executives and legislators from throughout the state traveled to Ocean City for nearly a week of networking breakfasts, seminars, crab feasts and hotel stays, Mr. Leopold decided he only needed to attend one 8 a.m. breakfast.

Instead of making the nearly three-hour trip the night before, which would have meant paying for a hotel room, plus overtime and another hotel room for the police detective who serves as his security and driver, Mr. Leopold made less costly plans.

He left his Pasadena home at 5 a.m., drove all the way to Ocean City for breakfast, then turned around and got back to Annapolis in time for lunch.

We suspect he paid for his own lunch.

While I applaud the fact that Leopold decided not to attend the week-long happy hour that is MACO, I seriously question the need for him to spend six hours in a car to attend one breakfast. Particularly considering the amount of fuel and the wear on a vehicle for him to drive down there and turn around. Was the breakfast that important that he had to go? And that says nothing of the fact that this once again draws attention to the fact that Leopold lied about dropping his security detail….

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Whether or not Leopold says he believes in “no government waste” as the Capital describes, Leopold is still one of its biggest offenders. Just because Leopold due to his extensive personal trust fund wealth can afford to not put things on the tab, he continues to promote more and more government services at the expense of the average taxpayer….


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