Three Simple Questions

Gregory Kane hits the nail on the head.

The last MARC train from Washington to Baltimore wasn’t more than 15 minutes out of Union Station on Thursday when the woman seated next to me asked my opinion of Andres Alonso, the poor soul who decided to take on the job as Baltimore’s latest in a string of school chief executive officers.

“He ain’t my kind of superintendent,” I answered. “My kind of superintendent would have asked three questions from the start: ‘Why am I being paid so darned much money? Why does Baltimore’s school system spend so much more for administration than systems with more students? And why do you Balti-morons continue to say the city school system is underfunded, despite all evidence to the contrary?'”

When my daughter turned four and we were living in DC, my wife asked ourselves these questions, plus “why in the hell would I pay for a service that I am terrified to use” and we voted with our feet. I’m sure the same is happening in Baltimore.

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