The Liberal Mind At Work

Gov. O’Malley apparently sat down for a lengthy interview with a reporter from The Capital, resulting in some fabulous blogging material. See the full article here. Crossposted.

I imagine the Governor making time for this interview in between sets of bench press at Merritt Athletic Club, and right before his nightly reading of How to Run For National Office, by Spiro Agnew. (Note: this book does not exist.)

When elaborating on his strategy regarding where money to ‘fix’ the structural deficit will come from, Mr. O’Malley clarified:

“It’ll come from the places it always come from.”

The governor listed some of Maryland’s economic numbers – last among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in spending as a percentage of wealth, corporate and sales taxes lower than surrounding states, a gas tax not indexed to inflation and kept level since 1992 – and said the flat income tax also will be changed so people who make large incomes pay a higher percentage than other Marylanders.

“I don’t think too many people would scream about that,” he said.

Oh my goodness.

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