The Friday Night Dump


Interesting that this story appeared on a Friday night:

A member of County Executive John R. Leopold’s Cabinet abruptly resigned this morning after eight months at his post, saying that he wants to pursue elected office.

Wayne M. Taylor, who was publicly reprimanded four months ago for announcing a nonexistent policy decision, stepped down as director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities. The announcement from Leopold’s office said the resignation was effective Aug. 24, but a county official said he would leave before then.

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“When I compare my service as an elected official to my administrative duties as a department director, it is with a degree of reluctance that I conclude that I can better serve a larger portion of the population from an elected position,” Taylor wrote in his resignation letter to Leopold.

There is a term called the “Friday Night Dump” when unflattering or negative news stories get dumped on a Friday night because nobody reads the paper for the news on Saturday. And I got that feeling when I saw this story on the Sun website.

Something just seems awfully fishy when a appointee of the County Executive up and resigns his post to “pursue elected office” when the next election in which he will realistically seek office is a minimum of two years away. Particularly so when, in Taylor’s case, he resigned from an elected office in order to take an appointed position. Now he bails out eight months later?

The entire story just feels like there is more than meets the eye…

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