The Drama Continues

O’Malley Watch has more on the Great O’Malley Land Scam in Queen Anne County. Long story short:

What the companies did was purchase the land and split up the parcels depending on whether the passed the percolation test or not. The one that failed the percolation test was sold to the state at an inflated value (which we all saw) and this drove up the price that could be gotten for the other pieces of land. The other parcels instead of belonging to Sutherland’s conservation company were part of the Sutherland development companies.

And there is more yet to come. From the Easton Star-Democrat (registration required):

But the choicest piece of waterfront property from the entire Kudner estate is an area of about 650 acres off Talisman Lane and Perry’s Corner Road. This property, now owned by the U.S. Land Alliance, contains the main farmhouse and seven smaller houses. Although the land is protected by a permanent conservation easement, the easement allows for the replacement of the eight houses. The houses could even be moved or possibly made larger, but no more than eight houses could be built there, said Meredith Lathbury, director of land conservation for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy. The ESLC and the Maryland Environmental Trust manage this conservation easement.

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John Hutson, with the Maryland Environmental Trust, said the locations of the eight houses could be moved, but the boards of both conservation groups would have to approve the changes. The existing homes, however, could be razed and rebuilt on a much larger scale without any approval, Hutson said, but these modifications would also have to comply with Maryland Critical Area law.

So this is the picture. A couple of O’Malley cronies are involved in purchasing a $17,750,000 parcel of land for $10,000 down. They sell the buildable lots. They claim a significant portion of the remainder is vulnerable to development even though the land failed a perc test and sell it to the state at a grossly inflated price. But they retain some choice lots for themselves.

We’ll see how long it is before these remaining lots are development.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the O’Malley administration is little more than a socialist kleptocracy.

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