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Thanks To Van Hollen, Casa Of Md To Get $200K Of Taxpayers’ Money

Last Reporter
By Chet Dembeck

Cross posted on Last Reporter

Montgomery County Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen has successfully tacked $200,000 onto an appropriations bill for Casa of Maryland, a nonprofit advocacy group that coaches Illegal aliens on what to do if they are suddenly swept up in an immigration raid.

The bill has passed the House, and if it passed by the Senate, Casa will get taxpayer’s funds to fight the growth of Latino gangs in Maryland, such as the dangerous MS-13 that currently terrorizes Northern Virginia.

“Casa will develop a comprehensive plan to engage community members in positive leadership development and community organizing in order to stamp out gangs and violent crime in the neighborhood,” says a statement released by Van Hollen’s office.

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Helps create illegal problem

It is the height of irony that Van Hollen is getting $200,000 for the group that aids and abets the very pool of illegals where gang members are recruited.

The Tacoma Park organization’s Web site offers an eight-page booklet, which gives step-by-step instructions in Spanish and English telling illegals how to avoid being deported.
The booklet advises illegals to cut the convenient card from out of the booklet, which has the following message for any U.S authorities who try to question or detain them:

“To Whom It May Concern:”

“Please be informed that I am choosing to exercise my right to remain silent and the right to refuse to answer your questions.”

“If I am detained, I request to contact an attorney immediately. I am also exercising my right to refuse to sign anything until I consult my attorney.”

“Thank you.”

One of the other activities of the organization, which also has an office in Baltimore, is its employment services.

Casa boasts on its Web site that it has “provided approximately 5,760 jobs to men and women” during 2004 and provided “more than 3,500 IDs to community members.”

Casa’s Executive Director Gustavo Torres was a member of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s transition team, heading a work group on housing and community development.

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