Sunday Quick Hits

Various advcacy groups are searching, allegedly, for innovative ways of closing the $1.5 billion O’Malley budget deficit. The lunatic “Alliance for Tax Fairness” is still flogging their push-poll which claims Marylanders are begging to be taxed. The Chamber of Commerce is scratching its head. Apparently the alternatives are limited to crap and go blind.

Sun columnist Dan Rodricks has been reading too much Free State Politics and tries to convince the rest of us that a) Balitmore is pretty safe and b) even if it isn’t it it is all our fault. I call BS. You can’t “civic spiritedness” your way out of a problem that is caused by a kleptocratic government, a pathetically ineffectual police force, a school system that is an ongoing RICO violation, and a populace that is happy with the status quo. I lived in DC for a lot of the Barry years. Trust me.

And, surprise, surprise, the Washington Post lines up to fellate Governor O’Malley while the Baltimore Sun, against all evidence, declares the purchase of the Langenfelder property on Kent Island to be a great deal. Just keep in mind folks, these are the people who claim that THEY are watchdogs of government behavior. Today makes it obvious that “butt boy” is a more apt description.

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