Slamming the Door on Illegal Immigration

One of the common arguments made by those who favor a policy of disregarding our immigration laws is “you can’t deport [fill in your favorite estimate here] million illegal immigrants.” Of course, this is a non sequitur. Enforcing the law doesn’t mean a nationwide hue and cry to round up illegal aliens followed by some sort Trail of Tears across the Rio Grande (or if you live in Chicago or Boston, a veritable luftbruecke to Warsaw and Dublin). The solution is to encourage illegals to self-deport.

If, indeed, what attracts illegals to the United States is employment then there are laws on the books right now that sanction employers who employ illegals. There is a free system where employers can verify the owner of social security numbers. In the words of Peyton Manning, “I throw, you catch, it’s not that hard.”

According to Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters the new law in Arizona which will essentially bankrupt companies who hire illegals is having an effect and he quotes from the Arizona Republic indications that illegals are leaving Arizona.

No round up. No trail of tears. Just enforcement of laws that are on the books. Imagine that.

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