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Sacrificial Duck

Andrew Duck has filed to run as the Democrat candidate to oppose 8 term Republican Roscoe Bartlett in 2008. After the unambiguous reprudiation Duck received from the voters in MD-6 one would have thought that Mr. Duck would have bought a clue and began angling for a job in the O’Malley administration or arranging to sell his home to the state at an exorbitant price as green space.

I fully understand why parties recruit people to run in safe districts. You need a presence for the party building function and you need a warm body on the ballot in case of a fortuitous event. But political parties don’t treat perennial losers with a great deal of respect or deference. With two brutal rejections under his belt he’s disqualified himself as a serious candidate when Mr. Bartlett steps down. What Duck gains from this is anyone’s guess.

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