Paging Cross Canadian Ragweed…

…because I am, allegedly, a Carny Man! Go read is comments there, I am choosing not to post it here.

Once again, the racial politics of the left. “Lefty” here tries to play my opposition to illegal immigration as racial politics and carny games. Which is kind of incredible because the entire crux of the argument has nothing to do with skin color, or the budget, or any of the other things the left postulates that this is about. It is the left that wants to make a racial issue of of this. I merely want to see the borders controlled so that no illegal immigrants of any race, color, or creed get in. All we need to do is to start enforcing the border and give illegal immigrants who are here an incentive to do the right thing, for once. It’s not about nativism, it’s not about racism, it’s not about any of the crap that the Urban Liberals want to say it’s about.

That’s what makes this comment from “Lefty”…:

Illegal immigrants are people, people with families who are part of our community. The vast majority of them don’t break the law,

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…so unintentionally funny because, a rational person might surmise, an illegal immigrant already broke the law. That’s why we call them illegal immigrants.

Once again though this always comes back to the lowest common denominator. The left plays racial politics because they are losing the battle of ideas.


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