Nelson Reichart Goes To Court

Nelson Reichart, the guy who was fired for attempting to defend the land scams in Queen Anne County that lined the pockets of various O’Malley supporters while doing nothing to preserve open space is suing the state.

He alleges that he was fired because he divulged how land sales were negotiated by the state during an interview authorized by his agency and his firing is part of a pattern of firing white, male, Republicans in order to replace them with people not so white, male, and Republican.

As O’Malley Watch points out the virtue of Mr. Reichart’s lawsuit is that it will inevitably procede to a court trial where details of the land deal will be made part of the public record.

Reichart’s firing was badly handled. He was a long time civil servant with an impeccable history and a mere 13 months away from pension eligibility. Firing him leaves the indelible impression of vindictiveness and probably drew more attention to the subject than would have been the case otherwise. It will be one of those hasty decisions O’Malley will live to regret.

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