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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

This blog is about Maryland politics so I don’t give much notice, at this venue, to national happenings. Sometimes, though, there is a nexus between the two. Like in Hampstead, in Carroll County, yesterday.

At a busy intersection in the bucolic and conservative town of Hampstead yesterday morning, seven people waved signs calling on Carroll County drivers to honk for President Bush’s impeachment — and yelled “thank you” to those who cursed at them.


The protest organizer, Brad Brown, 27, of Westminster displayed his permit. Capt. Jay Gribbin of the Hampstead Police Department read Brown a transportation code that bans honking on highways for nonsafety reasons.

This might be an amusing bit of street theater but it isn’t serious and neither are the people involved. It takes a delusional suspension of disbelief to think that impeachment is either warranted or possible. It is equally delusional to think that a lot of horns blown on a street in a small town means much more than people are blowing horns. When I encounter these, I confess to blowing my horn so I can make sure of having eye contact when I flip them off — much to my wife’s chagrin.

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I’m sure we’ll see more of Brad Brown in the future:

Brown is leading a small contingent of peace protesters this summer at four stops in Carroll and Baltimore counties on his way to a nationwide pro-impeachment march in Washington next month.

Bad pennies, etc.

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