More on Wayne Gilchrest

Monoblogue has posted the lastest missive from Wayne Gilchrest about his feckless stance on the Long War.

One is struck by the notion that either the attacks on Gilchrest over his votes in favor of defeat are beginning to hurt him politically or he really hasn’t a clue as to what is going on in Iraq or what he’s voting on.

At one time that wasn’t the case. In October 2003 Mr Gilchrest wrote an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun entitled At the Crossroads:

I supported President Bush’s request for $87 billion for security and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, which passed the House on Friday. After my visit there, it’s clear that funding is critical to ensure the safety or our troops and to help bring them home sooner. Stabilization and reconstruction are equal parts in the task before us. Stabilizing Iraq cannot happen without reconstruction, and reconstruction cannot happen without security. The money is an investment in a safer world and will get our troops home.


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We are at the fork in the road that will determine the human condition for the next 100 years. Take the wrong turn and we help Iraq down the road of religious radical oblivion dominated by ignorance, arrogance and unrelenting dogma that incites global terrorism. Take the right road and we contribute to a new renaissance of human expression and a reformation of religious tolerance.


Iraq is a country of tortured ghosts that has been liberated. Iraqis are asking for our help to be a part of the peaceful world community and a striking example of human progress that others in the region cannot ignore.

The seriousness of this effort cannot be overstated. My colleagues and I saw that, too, as we shared a C-130 transport plane back to Kuwait the first night with the bodies of three American soldiers killed in Iraq. It gave us a powerful sense of urgency to get the job done. We simply cannot afford to fail.

All that has changed in the intervening period is that Mr Gilchrest has fallen in love with the accolades he regularly receives from the antiwar movement and has unmanned himself.

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