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Meeting Expectations

As I expected, Kujan misses my point completely:

Yes, yes they do. I never claimed they didn’t. I claimed that they only like seeing the already well off making more money. Griffiths doesn’t dispute this fact, because he cannot.

Which of course is hogwash. If I only liked seeing the already well off making more money, I wouldn’t have what I have, now would I?

Incidentally, Kujan continues to miss several other points here that I am trying to make, and frankly it isn’t even worth my time to try to explain it anymore because I’d have better luck explaining astrophysics to a platypus, except the platypus might keep up better….

Let me say this slowly: if the workers are concerned about being better paid at their job, find a better paying job. Just like Kujan decides not to go to a high-dollar Democratic shindig people have the freedom of choice; perhaps they should, you know, use it.


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