MD-6 Republican Primary

Another Republican has entered the primary in hopes of unseating seven term incumbent Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6). Already in the race is the semi-unbalanced Frank Nethken a professional election loser from Cumberland. Now joining the field is Tom Croft of Middletown who seems to personify the slogan “think small.” He is described as a teacher of advanced animation and Web design at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center and his platform seems to be based on the concept of him as a mouthpiece for direct democracy:

If elected, Croft said he would set up a Web site, so residents could use a password to vote on whether they support a piece of legislation. An explanation of the bill would be on the site.

Voting lists would be checked to ensure that everyone casts only one vote. Croft said 500 people or more would have to cast votes. If fewer than 500 people participate, Croft would decide on how he should vote.

For residents without Internet access, Croft and his staff would send out newsletters explaining the proposed legislation, which can be voted on by mail.

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Someone would do well to inform Mr. Croft that as a group grows in size it’s collective IQ approaches 100, or maybe less, and maybe the citizens of MD-6 deserve representation not a sock puppet.

His schtick though is refusing to take campaign contributions. Whatever. Personally, I think that McCain-Feingold was one of the most direct assaults on American democracy in Congressional annals and the fact that President Bush signed this travesty in the misguided hopes that the Supreme Court would invalidate it will resound to his everlasting shame. Without the money to take advantage of it, free speech is about as useful as the inalienable right to moon travel.

We should look askance at any politician who refuses contributions on the grounds that he doesn’t want to be bought. This is one hell of an indictment of a man’s character that he would make such an admission. Mr. Croft should take a clue from the late Jesse Unruh:

“If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, **** their women, and then come in here the next day and vote against them, you don’t belong here.”

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