Local Boy Hits the Big Time

The FBI has raided the Potomac home of a former Department of Justice attorney in conjunction with an investigation into who leaked actual classified information to the New York Times (this opposed to the thin gruel in the Plame Blame Game) which irresponsibly ended up on their front page.

FBI agents searched the home of a former Justice Department lawyer last week in an effort to determine who leaked details of the warrantless eavesdropping program to the news media, Newsweek magazine reported yesterday, citing two anonymous legal sources.

The agents, who had obtained a classified search warrant, took Thomas Tamm’s desktop computer, two laptops belonging to his children and some of Tamm’s personal files, Newsweek reported.

Tamm is a Democrat, unsuprisingly, and has been an assistant State’s Attorney for Montgomery County.

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I’m anxiously awaiting the liberal outcry on this. It seems to me that damage to national security here is at least as great as NOT being the source for the secret identity of the wife of a blowhard former ambassador.

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