Leopold Cracks Down On Illegals

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is not one of our favorites. In our view he encapuslates a lot of what we believe will ensure Republicans remain a minority party in Maryland. But one thing a weathervane can do is tell the way the wind is blowing.

Companies and individuals that do contract work for Anne Arundel County will lose those contracts if they are found to be hiring illegal immigrants.

That’s the stance taken by County Executive John Leopold, who issued an executive order Tuesday requiring all future county contracts and requests for proposals reference federal laws that ban the employment of illegal immigrants.

Leopold said hiring illegal immigrants will be seen as a breach of the county’s contract. The order applies to both future and existing deals

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This is the second act taken by Mr. Leopold to strengthen the enforcement of immigration laws in Anne Arundel County. Earlier this summer Mr. Leopold denied a $115,000 county grant to El Centro de Ayuda because it could not guarantee that its clientele were citizens or legal immigrants.

There is the predictable bleating from predictable quarters.

The county warned yesterday that companies will lose county contracts if they employ undocumented workers, drawing immediate criticism from Anne Arundel’s business community.

“It is assuming that every employer is trying to game the system, and that’s not the case,” said Bob Burdon, president and chief executive officer of the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce.

And the ever popular “it’s too hard” excuse:

“How is he going to enforce this? Is he going to send people out to every (business)?” Centro de Ayuda President Mary Schumaker said. “Is he going to tell police officers to cut back on criminals so they can chase down illegals? I think it’s absurd.”

Illegal immigrants are here in large numbers for two reasons. First, there are jobs available and second, we don’t even pretend to enforce our laws.

Mr. Leopold is doing his part to see that the second part of the equation is changed. Once he does that, employers will take care of the first part on their own.

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