In Speech O’Malley Says Choice ‘Is Between Weak And Strong Government’

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Once again, Gov. Martin O’Malley coyly revealed his true vision and goal of growing an ever stronger and imposing state government in a recent speech given before the Democratic Leadership Council.

“The choice isn’t between a big government and a small government,” O’Malley said. “It’s between a weak and a strong government.”

O’Malley then blamed all the ills of the country from soldiers in Iraq not having bulletproof body armor to protect them against land mines to the elderly and babies dying of dehydration in big cities on — you guessed it — small, or what he considers “weak government.”

Socialized medicine on the way

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Meanwhile, as reported by Last Reporter several weeks ago, O’Malley is preparing to take the first step toward bringing socialized medicine to Maryland.

In an interview, with the Sun O’Malley said he plans to expand Medicaid coverage to Marylanders with higher incomes as the first step in expanding health care coverage.

Such expansion fits well with O’Malley’s philosophy that “strong government” is better than “weak government” and can do all things much better than the private sector.
This is also the credo of Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who O’Malley has enthusiastically endorsed.

During the first term of her husband, President Bill Clinton, Hillary pushed unsuccessfully for the adoption of national socialized health care.

With the Republican Party in disarray, it appears O’Malley and other Democrats around the nation are seizing the opportunity to push their leftist agenda.

O’Malley also equates “strong government” with significantly beefing up citizen surveillance programs, as the Last Reporter recently reported.

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