He’s Got the Spending Part Down Pat

Wayne Gilchrest is promising more pork spending in a fairly transparent attempt to boost his sagging electoral chances. From the Delmarva Daily Times:

Maryland Congressman Wayne T. Gilchrest on Monday vowed to push for federal dollars to repair Somerset County commercial marinas, calling upkeep of the work ports crucial to the economies of the watermen’s region.

In particular, Gilchrest wants U.S. Senate support of a $150,000 bill approved in the House of Representatives to overhaul the Broad Street dock on the Crisfield waterfront, the county’s busiest and a major port for heavy machinery and vehicles including fire engines and other emergency equipment bound for offshore Smith Island in Somerset and Tangier Island.

I’m sure this is important and all, but I don’t see anymore reason why the federal government should be repairing a dock.

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I also doubt that there are a lot of “heavy machinery and vehicles including fire engines and other emergency equipment” bound for Smith and Tangier Islands but to show I’m a good sport I’d support repairing the portion of the dock that is used to send fire engines out there.

Gilchrest is also threatening to jerk a knot in the tail of the US Army Corps of Engineer District over the non-dredging of Wenona Harbor on Deal Island:

“I will call the district engineer; (the Corps) needs to look into the records because (Wenona) is a commercial waterway,” said Gilchrest, adding that the Corps does not prioritize recreational marinas for dredging. “It is scheduled to be dredged — it hasn’t been dredged in 10 years, and should be top on the Corps list.”

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I guess he’s hoping no one will ask the obvious questions of where Gilchrest has been during those past 10 years and why he’s doing something now.

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