Gregory Kane on “What Black Men Think”

Baltimore Sun columnist reviews, in a way, a new documentary called What Black Men Think. It is well worth the reading.

One thing liberals have succeeded in is making racialism socially acceptable, well for non-white groups – they are still a bit dodgy on championing the KKK despite one of its members being president pro tem of the Senate. And using a chain of anointed “leaders” to espouse a particular set of dysfunctional values (as a thought exercise try to remember the last time you heard a liberal refer to a “white leader”) they have established a fairly effective regime of thought policing in those groups.

The shortest time period known to man may very well be the span between the words “black Republican” and “Uncle Tom.”

The conservative message of smaller government, self reliance, and hard work is what has made the United States a world leader. Those messages resonate in black and Hispanic communities. Take a drive by a construction site if you have doubts, or ride the Metro at 5:45 in the morning. Our message isn’t reaching these groups as much because we, conservatives and Republicans, have conceded those votes to the Democrats as it has to do with the message, our movement, or our party.

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