GOP Bylaw Amendments: The Bad

We addressed the (generally) good portions of the bylaw proposals in our previous post. However, there are some issues of concern with these proposed amendments:

1. Endorsement of Candidates in the Primary
The 800-pound gorilla in the room. We’re going to save this for separate post.

2. Central Committee Members can be removed by the State Executive Committee if they fail to take or abide by the Oath of Office
There seems to be little reason, if any, for the State Executive Committee to step in and remove a member of a local Central Committee. The local Central Committees are elected by the voters of the jurisdiction in which they represent. What is even stranger is the fact that the Oath of Office is not listed in any documents that have been publicly presented to date. Lord only knows what these Central Committee members would be asked to be pledging an oath to.

3. The “Brian Harlin Rule”
Basically, the rule would prohibit any member of the Central Committee from receiving campaign funds. I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept of the rule but, once again, it turns into a debacle because of how it is executed. It is clearly targeted at one individual in order to punish that individual for whatever reason, and smacks as somewhat of a Bill of Attainder. And besides, who is the party to tell a businessperson that they cannot participate in party affairs due to the nature of their business? Does that not sound like something the Democrats would try to pull?

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4. The Oath
Numerous references are made to this newfangled Oath, and as I mentioned earlier nobody actually explains what this oath is. Do we really think the party needs to be taking a “Loyalty Oath” to the party? Does that not seem a touch Orwellian? Because that’s what this sounds like. The only oath, as far as I am concerned, that Central Committee members need to take is one in which they swear or affirm to execute their office.. Whatever other oath the party comes up with is likely inappropriate (and several Anne Arundel Central Committee members take issue with the seeming lack of an oath here and here).

5. Salary of Executive Director and Staff
The bylaw proposal would allow the Chairman of the Party to hire new Executive Directors and Staff Members and get approval of their salaries and benefits packages by the State Executive Committee only if the salary and benefits increase. Would it really hurt us to have some oversight by the Executive Committee in this regard?

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