Gilchrest the Democrat

More from the “Republican” who said:
“And I want to tell you that Nancy Pelosi has been very open to our ideas. She’s a good listener; she’s thoughtful.”

At The Main Adversary I posted about congressional Democrats stealing a procedural vote on a 2008 agricultural appropriations bill here and here. Long story short, Republicans thought they had won a procedural vote to send the bill HR 3161 back to committee for insertion of explicit language denying food stamps to illegal aliens. Democrats kept voting after the gavel while Steny Hoyer strong armed the House parliamentarian and Republicans stormed out of the chamber in protest. No record of the procedural vote exists and no amendment regarding food stamps for illegal aliens is listed nor does the version of the bill the House passed contain specific language denying food stamps to illegals.

The bill merely states that it must comply with the Food Stamp Act of 1977. The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 did set forth new provisions to the Food Stamp Act requiring legal resident status for immigrants to receive food stamps. But no one who read the relevant section of the current bill would know this. Hence the Republican call for specific language to ensure that illegals would not receive tax payer funded benefits through any loopholes in the bill. The bill is also laden with pork and the Bush administration is correct to oppose it. We can only hope the Senate kills the bill.

I was curious as to how Wayne Gilchrest voted on the bill. Shocker: he crossed the aisle and with 10 other Republicans and voted for it.

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You can review Gilchrest’s past votes and track upcoming votes here.

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