FSP plays the race card again

This is getting old. This time it’s Isaac Smith:

I’ll just add that Del. Patrick McDonough’s plan to have, in effect, a board of commissars determine the content of MPT’s new digital channels is indeed disturbing, but also instructive: In today’s Republican Party, concerns for freedom of the press and politicization of the media take a back seat to beating back the Brown Menace.

I think it’s a little presumptive to assume that Pat McDonough’s comments portray Republicans as racists. Once again, Urban Liberals want to discriminate against those who aren’t Urban Liberals and assume that everybody out in the sticks are racists thugs when the problems due to the existence of V-Me have little to do with race.

Hell, I think Pat McDonough’s idea is stupid too. But we could really solve the problem by completely spinning off MPT out of the state budget entirely and saving ourselves the money and the hassle of having government in the business of subsidizing a television network.

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