Fringe Left: O’Malley not Fringe Left enough



I used to think O’Malley was a smart politician. Not perfect by a longshot, but ambitious, well-backed, with good instincts and the kind of charisma you can’t buy. Becoming Governor was planned long ago. I’m not surprised on bit that he’s getting even more into national politics – he wants to be the Pres on day and I’ll not be surprised to see him running.

So what the heck is he doing running with the DLC crowd? Yes they have corporate money but they are basically Republican-lite. Think Joe Lieberman and you have their take on issues and loyalty to the Democratic Party.

O’Malley won his races by being mostly progressive, a breath of fresh air in Baltimore and MD politics. He’s not afraid of a fight. I can see why he aligns himself with moneyed interest in order to seed his future – but the DLC has been pretty much discredited by the Democratic base. And the corporate money is going to follow the base in the end.

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And this goes on in this, that O’Malley is this evil centrist. I am only pretty sure this is the same O’Malley who wants to expand the size of government, raise taxes, and spend us into oblivion.

Words cannot describe how far out of the mainstream some Democrats really are….

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