Don’t we have better things to do?

As usual, our leaders are doing the people’s business:

County Councilman Ed Reilly is drafting the County Council’s second sign bill of the summer, this one aimed at the fields of temporary signs flooding medians or roadsides and advertising everything from weight-loss centers to home sales.

“People are doing whatever they can to get their name out there,” said Mr. Reilly, R-Crofton. “It gives an unfair advantage to people who violate the law.”


His bill would outlaw signs on utility poles, trees or stoplights and clarify rules against advertising for businesses on the right of way on county roads.

His effort follows one by Councilman Jamie Benoit, D-Crownsville, who earlier this month introduced a bill to ban signs with video images.

Un-huh. But…

Both measures largely reiterate the existing laws, but demonstrate county lawmakers’ increasing frustration.

Mr. Reilly said the intersections plagued by most of the signs are along major thoroughfares maintained by the state, such as Route 3 or Solomons Island Road, where the county has no authority to remove the signs.

OK. So what are we talking about doing exactly? Councilman Reilly’s bill is going to address a problem that is already addressed by law, and in an area where the County has no enforcement in the first place?

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Yes, Republicans can do some odd stuff, too. Perhaps time would be better spent, instead of writing a bill duplicating existing law, trying to reduce the number of working days the County Council meets every year so we do not have to worry with such pointless legislation.


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