Don’t Call Us…

Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown visited the Prince George’s Hospital of the financially teetering Dimensions Healthcare System yesterday and brought cold comfort.

Touring the financially troubled Prince George’s Hospital Center yesterday, Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown said state leaders are committed to the facility’s long-term survival but made no immediate offers of cash for the institution.

Brown, who lives in Mitchellville not far from the hospital, has been a leading negotiator on the hospital situation for Gov. Martin O’Malley (D).

Brown (D) said a deal between state and local leaders that fell apart on the last day of the legislative session in April would have been a departure from “patchwork” efforts to save the Cheverly hospital, creating a framework for long-term stability. He said he and O’Malley want to continue the talks but warned they do so now against the backdrop of a budget deficit.

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“We’re committed to continuing to work on that effort,” Brown said. “But with each passing day, the terrain and the environment becomes more and more difficult.”

While not good news for Dimensions it may be good news for the rest of us. There seems to be a realization on the part of the O’Malley administration that they will have to take some action more drastic than soaking the rich. Though this means that County Executive Jack Johnson will inevitably gain control of the hospital system, that is the problem of the voters who elected him.

You don’t need to be a weatherman, or even Bob Dylan, to see which way this wind is blowing.

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