Dixon Campaign Unveils Crime Commercial Aimed At ‘Gentrified Baltimore’

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In an obvious attempt by interim Mayor Sheila Dixon’s campaign to bolster her sagging record on crime, it has released a racially fine-turned, 30-second TV commercial portraying Dixon as a competent public official totally out in front of the problem.

There’s no doubt that the commercial is aimed at “Gentrified Baltimore,” which consists of predominately white neighborhoods of Canton, Fells Point, Federal Hill and Hampden.

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This is the same area, where according to the Sun, 60% of the registered voters will vote for Dixon’s main opponent, City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell Jr.

In the commercial, Dixon walks up to a couple of white, male yuppies sitting on the front steps of a rowhouse in a gentrified neighborhood as a male narrator says: “By bringing people together, Sheila Dixon has a crime plan to make our city safer.”

As not to offend black city voters, the commercial shows a white Baltimore cop arresting a young white man wearing a wool cap. It also shows a close up of a white hand holding an illegal hand gun.

The commercial then shows Dixon recruiting, not a white male, but a young black male to become one of Baltimore’s finest as the narrator says,”a mayor retaining our best police officers, recruiting hundreds of new ones.”

Race plays major role

It’s interesting to see how race still plays a major role in all aspects of the mayoral campaign, even though there are no white Democratic challengers running against Dixon.

What is left out of the commercial, or course, is the fact that the city has lost 532 police officers during the past two years and has only been able to recruit 461, racking up a net loss of 71.

Also missing from Dixon’s commercial, is the fact that since she suspended zero tolerance in January, there has been a tremendous spike in Charm City’s homicide rate, which is currently 197 and counting.

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