Deny, Divert, Deceive Part Deux

The progressives over at Free State Politics are at it again. Red Maryland’s founding father has accurately dubbed it twittery.
This time it is Issac Smith. Commenting on Bush’s latest war speech to the VFW in Missouri, Smith argues that Bush is twisting history in comparing a premature US withdrawal from Iraq to the genocide in Southeast Asia after the US withdrew from and abandoned South Vietnam (and Cambodia and Laos) to the communists. Typical of the left, Smith avoids addressing the consequences of withdrawal and uses it as a segue to call Bush a fascist.

Avoiding responsibility for the consequences of their actions is not new among progressives. Smith’s predecessors from the Vietnam era yap incessantly about how they ended the Vietnam War and liberated America from an oppressive conformist culture at home. However, when confronted with the Khmer Rouge, Vietnamese reeducation camps, or the Boat People, the consequences of their anti-war activism, they suddenly find that silence is golden. In fact anti-war lefties eat their own when any one of them dares to think for themselves and question their totalitarian group think, just ask Joan Baez.

Smith and the anti-war left wants the US out of Iraq. Fine. However, Smith needs to actually address the slaughter that will be a consequence of the withdrawal he favors.

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