Deny, Divert, and Deceive

If one ever wondered why it is impossible to engage the left in anything approaching intelligent discussion one has to look no farther than this bit of twittery at Free State Politics.

Andrew Kujan is convinced that Baltimore is safe because, allegedly, in his little enclave it is a veritable Eden. A Rodney King wonderland. And when you deal with liberals you find out rapidly that the plural of anecdote is indeed data, what proceeds from Kujan’s own neighborhood represents the city at large. This despite his own data source showing that Baltimore has a violent crime rate 300% of the national average with a murder rate 6 times that of the national average.

He then sets about to compare Baltimore to Aberdeen, Maryland (population 14,000) to prove, in his mind anyway, that Baltimore is less dangerous than Aberdeen because, presumably, we’ve sort of mocked Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s rather transparent attempt to belly up to the trough of BRAC impact funds.

Anyone who deals with statistical analysis can immediately spot the fallacy in comparing a city with a relatively minor town. When you compare wildly different things you can prove anything. When you ignore the fact that most people working at Aberdeen Proving Ground will not be living in Aberdeen, but rather Harford County, this could even look reasonable.

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So let’s look at Kujan’s data from a different standpoint. Harford County has a population of about 233,000. When we look at the crime rate in the county then we find the murder rate is .85 per 100,000 versus 42 per 100,000 in Baltimore. Rape is 7.2 versus 25 in Baltimore. Robberies are 609 per 100,000 in Baltimore while in Harford County they are 92. And so on and so on.

What Kujan does is create a statistical comparison that is meaningless and then uses a meaningless set of data to, in his mind, prove a point which we all know to be false.

And this is why attempting to have any discussion with the left on a subject more serious than the lunch menu is simply a waste of time.

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