Defend Life Comes to Maryland

Defend Life’s Face the Truth Tour has come to Maryland. Yesterday they were at Inner Harbor. Today they are at White Marsh and Bel Air.

The have indeed chosen stony ground upon which to cast their seed. In Maryland there is one abortion for every 6 births and the political climate, even among many conservatives, is less than welcoming. As we noted earlier in our story on the four dead babies in Ocean City, the state’s law concerning fetal death is specifically constructed to allowe the killing of viable fetuses through abortion.

Predictably, those leading the fight to conduct abortions for profit see this tour as a sign of weakness:

“I consider it a desperation attempt,” said John Nugent, president and chief executive officere of Planned Parenthood of Maryland. “They’ve lost the discussion on a logic, intellectual basis so they use distorted, graphic images to try to get at the emotions of individuals.”

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But they are wrong.

Over time support for abortion has declined in the public and I am hopeful the Supreme Court will revisit the odious Casey decision and send it to the same resting place as Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson. I am most encouraged by a youth poll conducted in 2005 which found high school seniors overwhelmingly viewed abortion as an immoral decision.

It is a short distance from recognizing immorality to acting to prevent it. We did it with institutional racism. We can do it with the institutional killing of babies.

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