Charm City City School CEO Pitches Baltimore Schools For BRAC Newcomers

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At a time when five Baltimore City schools have been labeled as “persistently dangerous” by state officials, Charm City’s new education Czar Andres Alonso is inviting transferred civilian defense workers to enroll their children in the system.

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In an article in the Washington Times, Alonso was quoted as saying, “There are existing and unused opportunities in the city schools for families who might want to move int the city.”
Alonso made his pitch at a meeting of the military Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) subcommittee, led by Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown.

Officials hopes are unfounded

This is the second photo op performed by city officials in the last two weeks.
Interim Mayor Sheila Dixon has a similar meeting with Brown recently, outlining Charm City’s plan to have developers renovate thousands of boarded-up houses in downtrodden neighborhoods of the city such as Cherry Hill and Westport, which she said would be perfert for BRAC newcomers.

Dixon said the city is betting that these houses will soon be occupied by as many as 2,500 of the 60,000 new military base workers being transferred to the state as a result of the base closure and realignments known as BRAC.

But, such hopes are without foundation, considering Baltimore’s skyrocketing homicide rate and projected structural deficits.

Nonetheless, this optimistic spin is just part of a ploy by city officials to get their hands on millions of federal dollars that would be poured into Baltimore for BRAC, which could be used to fund yet another massive government program.

Such a prize would definitely fatten the pockets of developer insiders and create thousands of patronage jobs politicians could leverage to get reelected.

However, if federal officials would only take a moment and peruse various area online message boards before spending millions of taxpayers dollars, they would quickly see that many of those defense workers being transferred from New Jersey have absolutely no intention of settling in Baltimore.

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