Cardin gets to first base with Mikulski

Or at least that’s how Baltimore Magazine teased their quick interview with “Senator Barb.”

The blurb says “Ben’s no rookie, he’s been a major leaguer for some time now. Sure, when he was first elected I played Coach Barb and helped him get on first base, but he knows how to bring it home.” By bringing “it home,” I assume the pork for Baltimore. It is no secret Baltimore politics i.e., patronage is fueled by state and federal money, and Mikulski, Paul Sarbanes and now Cardin assure Baltimore’s prominent position at the federal trough.

Baltimore’ Magazine’s word games may conjure unpleasant thoughts, but what is truly disgusting is how bellying up to the federal teat to dole out political patronage is the modis operandi of Democratic politics in Maryland.

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