BREAKING: Walker asked Collins for Resignation

I’ve just receive text of an email sent on Sunday night by AA GOP Vice-Chairman Jerry Walker to Central Committee Chairman Mike Collins (crossposted):

Chairman Collins:

The Anne Arundel County Republican State Central Committee is in need of a change to active and effective leadership. We need positive leadership that will move our Committee and our Party forward. While I appreciate your service as Chairman of our Party for the last several months, I believe that the time has come for a change in leadership for our Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee.

I respectfully ask that you submit your letter of resignation as Chairman of our County Republican Central Committee prior to our September 5 meeting so that we can allow a new leader to be elected Chairman and lead our Committee and Party forward.

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This resignation is in the best interest of everyone, including our Committee, Clubs, activists, elected officials, and our Party. Recent public events have damaged all of these interests and a public removal by a 2/3 majority at our next meeting would only further damage everyone’s common interest…the future of the Republican Party in Anne Arundel County.

Thank you,

Jerry Walker
Vice Chairman
Anne Arundel

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